6 Wrestling Masked Assassins: Unmasked!

Busted Coverage‘s Wrestling Week rolls on as we take a look at Wrestling’s Masked Assassins…Unmasked! Countless members of the wrestling world have donned masks throughout the years, adding to the mystery and luster of their respective characters. Some were scary, some were silly, and some were downright stupid. These men all put their bodies, careers and lives on the line week in and week out, and did it with a mask on. For that we thank them!

How did masks get their start in wrestling? Via Wikipedia:

In 1915 a North American wrestler became the first masked wrestler ever when Mort Henderson started wrestling as the “Masked Marvel” in the New York area. In the subsequent years many wrestlers would put on a mask after they had been used in an area, or territory, that their popularity and drawing ability diminished, it would be an easy way for a wrestler to begin working in a new area as a “fresh face”. Sometimes workers wore masks in one territory and unmasked in another territory in order to keep their two identities separate.

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