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WISN-TV Sportscaster Corrects Himself Over Paul Bunyan’s Ass Gaffe [VIDEO]

Thanks to Penn State becoming a major downer, the college football season has gone into boring mode. Even people getting drunk and fighting at games is down. Tailgating pukers are drying up. Even the reliable tailgating beer bong FAIL videos just aren’t around this year. That means we’ve turned to sportscasters and their unfortunate tongue slips.

Take WISN-TV this weekend after Wisconsin crushed Minnesota & the team went nuts over Paul Bunyan’s ax.

Posted: Nov. 12, 2011

Premise of Video: Ax becomes ass. Childish? Yes, but at this point in the season we need some of you to start getting drunk and fighting cops. If not, you’ll be forced to listen to WISN guy.

Climax of Video: “Ass…AX!” Total LOL!

Conclusion: Is that reaction to an ax a little over-the-top? Yes. Act like you’ve been there before, Wisconsin.

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