Rudy Fernandez Being Curled By Serge Ibaka [VIDEO]


In case you’ve been stuck at your job and didn’t have access to the outside world today, let us be the first media outlet to tell you that the NBAPA rejected David Stern’s latest offer. The NBA season is pretty much over. Some of you are devastated. Not us, we’ll just start watching more hockey. But basketball will roll on overseas.

NBAers Serge Ibaka (plays for Oklahoma when not locked out) & Rudy Fernandez are playing in Spain where the workout regimens are kinda strange.

Posted: We ripped it from Rudy’s Twitter account

Premise of Video: Gay curling, bro.

Climax of Video: Gay curling, bro.

Conclusion of Video: That is some serious gay curling that we figure we’ll eventually see Tim Tebow duplicating with Eric Decker.

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