Jay Cutler On Fire Since Giving Cavallari That Moody Meat Again [PHOTOS]

The numbers don’t lie with Jay Cutler. Fox can give us all the stats they’d like about how the Bears are now winning thanks to Mike Martz focusing on the running game. Busted Coverage investigators have a better theory as to why the Bears have gone 4-1 since early October. It was announced on Oct. 4 that Cutler was back to giving the moody meat to ex-fiancée Kristin Cavallari. Since then, this guy is on fire. This begs the question: Is Cavallari saving the Bears season? 

According to Kristin’s tweeting, we know that Cavs was in Chicago yesterday to rub off some of that good luck on Jay’s right arm.

Good luck today @jaycutler6. @stephbiegel and I will be cheering loud enough for u to hear!!!

Then she uploaded a photo of the seats Jay left for his rebound beef. Look, this guy’s a giant pussy. His track record speaks for itself, but we must give him credit in this situation. He realized that getting laid in Chicago during the season was becoming a giant pain in the ass. Chicks running their mouth. TMZ finding out about some ‘Heather’ from Skokie is not what he needed this season.

Reenter the Cavallari ‘tang. For once this is a brilliant move by Cunts. He busts off a few rounds each Sunday, she flies out Monday morning and he’s back to his life of being a miserable metrosexual. She flies back in on Friday night, Cunts busts off a few rounds and grabs a bite to eat.

Jay Cutler Before Cavallari Rebound Beefing:

• 2-2 record

• 4 INTs

• 71-of-131 for 54% completion percentage

Jay Cutler AFTER Cavallari Rebound Beefing:

• 4-1 record

• 2 INTs

• 93-of-152 for 61% completion percentage

[@KristinCav]  [@JayCutler6]

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