Stephen Curry Douching It Up At Carolina Panthers Practice [VIDEO]


You can add this to the list of things NBA players do during the lockout — play football with NFL players.

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry was throwing some balls around with the Carolina Panthers‘ Cam Newton, Derek Anderson and Greg Olsen earlier today at Panthers’ practice. Apparently, the goal is to hit the goal post, Curry delivered and tweeted about it later.

Tossing passes w/the QBs. Hit goalpost twice — put me in coach.

We were a little confused about Curry’s allegiance to the Panthers at first, but it turns out he went to high school in Charlotte and Davidson, which is where he went to college, is also in North Carolina. Who knew?

Date Posted: Nov. 11, 2011

Premise of Video: Several members of the Carolina Panthers and Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry kill some time by playing hit the goal post.

Climax of Video: Curry comes through, much like he does on the basketball court.

Conclusion: Maybe the Panthers should sign Curry to back up Cam Newton. He doesn’t have anything to do anyway.

[Stephen Curry Twitter]

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