Sean Salisbury Hoping Jerry Sandusky Gets Anally Raped In Prison?


Everyone’s favorite Lingerie Football League color analyst, Sean Salibury, has been keeping his finger on the pulse of all things Jerry Sandusky and is about to blow a gasket. The ex-ESPN horndog is now over at Total College Sports (with co-hostess Melanie Collins) where he’s free to speak his mind. The problem is that only 2,200 Twitter followers are getting his message.

Anyway, Sean has strong words today for what should happen to Pedobear.

Karma is a bitch. Let some sort of justice be served -Sandusky gets to feel the same fear daily in prison that those boys must have felt

Oh, hell yes Sean is hardcore. That’s why his Twitter handle is @SeanUnfiltered. You see, he just speaks his mind one tweet at a time. This was from Tuesday.

Hell I’m always unfiltered. Truth be told I would like to give those kids a voice with my right fist to sandusky’s face and multiple times

Now, you can decipher “feel the same fear daily in prison that those boys must have felt,” a couple different ways. Is he talking about Sandusky getting butt raped by his roomie from Scranton? Is he talking about just walking around in fear of never knowing when a penis will be hammering him in jail? Is he talking about Sandusky just having general fear?

We’ll reach out to Sean and see if he’s hoping Sandusky gets butt raped in jail. If so, it should make for a fine Internet moment.



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