Remember 2007 When Penn State Was Just Pelting OSU Fan W/Beers[VIDEO]

Ahh, those were the days. 2007. Busted Coverage was called Big Ten Tailgate back in those days. Then the Big Ten threatened us with a lawsuit. Busted Coverage was born that December night. A month before the BC birth, Penn State played Ohio State in State College. On Monday morning we discovered this video and all hell broke loose over Pikes pelting Buckeyes fan with full beer cans.

Guess who stepped in and investigated – fully? Graham Spanier! Yessir.

Posted: Nov. 2, 2007

Premise Of Video: Pikes allowed OSU Pikes to party with them before the game. Then, the Pikes decided to turn on their supposed bros by pelting them with beer cans. Full cans.

Climax of Video: We can only hope Jerry Sandusky used to ‘shower’ with the cameraman. We’ve forgotten his name by now, but from what we found of him on MySpace back in the day, he was a complete asshole who deserved Sandusky’s ‘attention.’

Conclusion: Ahh, the memories of a classier time in State College history. Looking back, it’s clear to us why Spanier never had time to tell Jerry Sandusky to get the f%^& away from his university. There were so many other pressing issues.

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Child Molestation, Jerry Sandusky Finally Breaks Colin Cowherd! [VIDEO]
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