Oscar De La Hoya Sued Over Alleged Drug And Sex Party


The Golden Boy isn’t so golden anymore.

Six-time world champion boxer Oscar De La Hoya is being sued by a “model” named Angelica Marie Cecora for emotional distress, false imprisonment, assault and battery. The incident allegedly occurred during a booze-and-coke filled sex romp on March 15 at The Ritz-Carlton on Central Park South in New York.

Oh, and De La Hoya was also supposedly prancing around in women’s underwear, as we know he has a tendency to do. The New York Post interviewed Cecora and has the lurid details.

De La Hoya had apparently been in Iraq visiting the troops prior to the alleged incident.

“He said there was no alcohol and no women [in Iraq], and he needed to unwind,” Cecora, 25, told The Post. “Once dinner was over, he decided he wanted me to spend the whole night with him.”

“He was dancing, playing around with my [clothes], playing a woman, very feminine.

“He ordered drugs to be delivered to the room. I tried to hide them from him to keep him under control, but he just wanted more and more.”

De La Hoya declared that he idolizes Charlie Sheen — and after he got the drugs, he kept shouting the actor’s favorite word, “Winning!” and got “completely wasted from then on,” Cecora said.

In one of the most shocking claims, Cecora alleged the boxer was snorting cocaine — and asked her to perform an extreme sex act.

“I explained to him I have never done that before,” she said. “He was in these positions that [still] keep flashing into my head.”

If everything in this story is true, the boxer also left in the morning and stuck Cecora and a friend with a $1,500 bill.

That’ll teach ’em!

First, we should probably point out Cecora is most likely an escort, so the term model is very loosely applied, and you should do whatever you want with that information. Second, De La Hoya has admitted to using drugs, cheating on his wife and has been in rehab.

He also admitted photos that first surfaced in November 2007 of him in women’s underwear (as seen above!) were indeed him, after initially denying it.

He hasn’t commented on the lawsuit.

Oh, and here’s Angelica. We’d do her.

[Oscar De La Hoya threw kinky, coke-fueled sex party: suit]

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