Kelli Gillispie Is Lingerie Football League’s Hottest Politician! [PHOTOS]


We wish our civic officials ran around in lingerie… well, at least the good-looking women. Maybe they should use Kellie Gillispie as an example.

Gillispie is city councilwoman in Mound, Minnesota, just outside of Minneapolis, and she also plays center for the Minnesota Valkyrie, the local Lingerie Football League team.

Two things that obviously go together like peanut butter and jelly!

The Valkyrie has only played two games in their short existence, but they’re 1-1 and Gillispie somehow caught a touchdown pass in their season-opening win over the Green Bay Chill, despite being an offensive lineman… or… uh… linewoman.

Of course, she comes from the home of the Tonka Truck and Kevin Sorbo, so she’s obviously badass. Gillispie was elected to the Mound City Council in 2010, she was a gymnast, played soccer and participated in track in high school, and really doesn’t give a crap about what you think of he LFL gig.

“I’m never going to apologize for being an athlete because athletics is a main component of who I am today. Besides that, these are two parts of my life that I keep very separate,” Gillispie said. “With that being said, there was one gentleman that wasn’t too thrilled about it, but that’s probably because if I hadn’t run (for City Council) he would’ve been re-elected. Overall though, everyone has been really supportive, and I’ve received a tremendous amount of positive comments about the team, the hard work we put in and how much fun people have watching us play.”

Well, most people like T&A, especially in the freezing cold of Minnesota. Hell, we bet prancing around in lingerie even helps Gillispie get re-elected.

Check it out for yourself. Would you vote for Kelli Gillispie?

[City Council Member Kellie Gillispie Packs a Punch]  [Kelli Gillispie – LFL]

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