Dan Connor Says He Pranked Joe Sarra Because He Was ‘Crazy Guy’

There has been chatter about former Penn State linebacker Dan Connor and a 2005 incident where he was suspended three games for what were considered vulgar prank phone calls over a couple months to a former PSU assistant coach. Initial reports said the former assistant did not want his name used, but reporters eventually found out his initials were J.S. Of course us conspiracy theorists thought Jerry Sandusky. Nope, Joe Sarra. Connor sent these tweets today. 

A Busted Coverage tipster sent word this afternoon that Connor responded to his questions about the phone calls allegedly placed to Joe Sarra, who retired two months before the harassment began.

Connor hasn’t made a public tweet since May 2, yet sent these to our tipster.

Sarra retired January 31, 2005 after 21 years at Penn State. The phone calls, we’re told, might have been made to Sarra because Connor & two teammates “made fun of the way [Sarra] answered the phone.” Those calls started in the spring and lasted into the early summer.

In other words, nothing to see here unless you have something to add to this story.


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