1999: Jerry Sandusky Trolls State College Looking To Give Kids Tix, Take Home


When will we stop with the Jerry Sandusky Pedo-Scandal stories? When they stop rolling in. We’ve gone snooping in the Sandusky AP files and can barely believe the 1999 farewell story written as Jer was preparing for his final game at Penn State. Sandusky had already been named as a child predator after a 1998 incident that many believe led to his abrupt retirement plans during the summer of ’99 at just 55-years-old. Just read this. Read it and then remember what happened in ’02. 

From the AP article that ran December 26, 1999:

“It’s been kind of a three-ring circus, Sandusky said. “Gives me a chance to be on the playground. Nothing about me is mundane or routine.”

Not even game days. Sandusky always had a few extra tickets, so he would drive around to pick up kids and cart them to Beaver Stadium. After the game, it was off to the Sandusky house for dinner. Then, he would drive them back home.

The story then goes on a wild spree of how Jerry had helped so many boys. But don’t forget this paragraph that Penn State knew was printed, yet never said a single word about.

He reaches out to them the only way he knows: He rolls around in the yard with them, challenges them to racquetball and takes them to Penn State’s locker room. At most outdoor events, water balloons figure prominently. Sandusky out-kids the kids.

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