Dick Vitale Devastated By Paterno/Sandusky/Penn State [TWEETS]


Dick Vitale isn’t taking the Joe Paterno news very well. Look at the bags under his eyes as he opens his morning paper at the Broken Egg on Siesta Key. He’s upset, has been lashing out at Paterno and Jerry Sandusky on Twitter and wants answers. He’s even going off on Mike McQueary. The guy just tries to get some breakfast and sign some autographs and has to deal with this collegiate tragedy. We have an intern just tracking Vitale.

Here is the Twitter report card from Vitale. 

Joe Paterno fired-PSU doing the right thing. Clean place of all those that FAILED to be LEADERS &let down a # of innocent kids & a gr8 Univ.

McQueary should be off that sideline as well. Should of went to police if Joe Pa didn’t after telling him what he saw. #MUSTGO

Much of this would have been avoided if years ago the Leaders @ PSU would have demonstrated some guts.#GUTLESS

And yesterday from Dickie V., baby!

Everytime I look at my 3 Grandsons (twins 9 today & another 8) Will see them shortly -hurt 4 those victims # GUTLESSLEADERS

@franfraschilla Thanks Fran -I am sick knowing that no one including Joe Pa did not contact the police back in the 90’s.

If one of you is on Siesta Key this week and has time to visit with Dick at the Broken Egg, give that guy a hug. He needs it. And buy him a coffee. Looking tired.


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