Like, Child Rape At Penn State Ain’t No Big Deal [VIDEO]

It’s good to see the students at Penn State have a grasp on reality and what was in that 17-page Jerry Sandusky indictment. Oh, we get it. Penn State students just love to have a reason to ‘riot’ and ‘rally in the streets’ because what the f$%^ else you going to do in State College, Pa. It’s in the middle of absolutely nothing. Nearest city with a pulse? Altoona sounds like a blast.

Anyway, we meet ‘Kara’ & hear why students were in the streets last night.

Posted: This morning by the PSU student newspaper

Premise of Video: Child rape coverup gets students into street. You try to can their coach and they take to the streets.

Climax of Video: ‘Kara’ explains what’s up last night in such dramatic fashion.

Conclusion: Is there one? These assholes will eventually be released into society where they’ll mingle with other bros and eventually run the government, the company where poor people work and will eventually shit down your throat or coverup the rape of small children. Good work, PSU.

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