BC Holiday Guide: 2011 UFC Ultimate Fight Collection (20 Discs!)


As we’ve done over the last few years on BC, we’ll be reviewing some of the best gifts out there for dudes who actually want something cool for Christmas (or your alternative religious holiday). Of course these companies send us samples. Of course that doesn’t mean we’ll sit here and kiss their asses. These are cool gifts or else we wouldn’t waste our time. Let’s get started this year with the 2011 UFC Ultimate Fight Collection.

You want 170 fights & 50 hours of video? 20 discs of UFC action? This is your set.

The UFC compiled the best fights, behind-the-scenes interviews and more to build what could be considered the definitive MMA disc collection on the market. The Collection follows UFC bouts from July 2010-June 2011 during what is called one of “the most exciting 12-month period in UFC history.”

If your husband, son, ex-boyfriend, etc. is a UFC fan, just buy this and you’re done shopping for the year.

What You Get With 2011 UFC Ultimate Fight Collection:

• Great packaging. Killer box and photography on discs. The usual ‘cool’ presentation from the UFC.

• Lesnar vs. Velasquez

• Silva vs. Belfort

• Shogun vs. Jones

• St-Pierre vs. Shields

• You get Seth Petruzelli’s arm snapping at UFC 116

• You get Stephen Bonner in a bloody mess at 116

• And most importantly, you get the best of Brock Lesnar at 116 & 121

• Wait until you see the interview with Lesnar before his fight with Shane Carwin

[Now on sale at Best Buy! $99]  [UFC.com]

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