Ashley F. & Miami Heat Dancer Lockout Rolls On [27 PHOTOS]


As the NBA and the NBA Players meet today with David Stern promising a war the athletes don’t want if they pass on his 50-50 revenue split offer. In other words, either the players call Stern’s bluff or take the deal. If Stern isn’t bluffing, the NBA season will, in effect, be over. The players will dig in. So will the owners. The real losers here are all those workers caught in the crossfire, such as Miami Heat dancer Ashley F. Her career hangs in the balance. 

We feel bad for ladies like Ashley who just want a court to dance on. These ladies just need an audience, some bass and uniforms. But it’s not happening. The lockout has these ladies filling their time with bikini shoots, Friday nights at the club and lonely Thursdays without the NBA on TNT crew.

As for Ashley, we actually don’t know much about her. The Heat have deleted her info from the their website. We suppose she’s dating a guy who looks like Pit Bull, spends her day working as a personal trainer and drinks pineapple smoothies at lunch.

Know an NBA dancer who’s locked out and we should feel sorry for? Send us a name and photos.

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