Spurs GM Claims “Lowest Blood Sugar Ever” As DUI Defense [Cuff ‘Em]

News started to leak yesterday about the DUI case surrounding San Antonio Spurs GM R.C. Buford. Today we get a look at the police report and it’s not good for homeboy. R.C. had all sorts of issues Friday night on his way home from a fundraiser where it’s suspected that the bored GM just destroyed the open bar. How else is it possible to turn in that classic mugshot? Just look at that left eye slicing through your skull.

Don’t sulk, bro. Your DUI file is awesome.

Via KENS5:

Buford told police he had the “lowest blood sugar ever” and said that he didn’t know what happened, according to the report.

Buford told the officer he had just left a fundraiser at the Freeman Coliseum, where he admitted to having one beer with his dinner. He also explained that he was going home, but missed Highway 281.

Noticing that Buford appeared to be shivering, the officers asked if he wanted to put on his jacket. Buford declined and explained to officers that he is a type one diabetic.

Officers asked how he controlled his diabetes, and Buford showed them his insulin pump. He then told officers he has been diabetic for nearly 30 years and has never had this happen before.

Ahh, the one beer defense combined with the low blood sugar defense. Slick! Anyway, cops weren’t buying it and sent R.C. to jail where he was allowed to hold a fantasy draft with all the other DUI offenders before being released to a sober driver.

We hear R.C. went Duncan-Ginobili-Parker with his first three picks. Such a homer and will probably blame his blood sugar when Pedro The “I Was Getting Blown” DUI dude wins the whole thing.

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