Matt Millen Crying On SportsCenter Over Joe Paterno Scandal [VIDEO]

*Disclaimer: Matt Millen is on the honorary board of Second Mile, the foundation started by Jerry Sandusky to eventually build a stable of young boys to rape, as police allege. So, anyway, ESPN has Matt Millen on today in order to give his unbiased opinion on what should happen to Penn State. And then it happens. Matt tries to give his opinion but is overcome with emotions when thinking of heads rolling in State College. 

Did you cry for the multiple victims, Matt?

Posted: Like 25 minutes ago

Premise of Video: Matt is only supposed to be reacting to Joe Paterno’s press conference being canceled. But there are some tears built up in that brain of his. Time to let ’em fly, bitch!

Climax of Video: Probably the people recording this snickering. Hilarious.

Conclusion: Get this bum off the TV. Move on, loser. Go hide in your house while wearing your JoePa sweatshirt.

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