Lingerie Football Referee Illegal Defense On Defense Call [VIDEO]


The Lingerie Football League continues to amaze us on a weekly basis. Whether it’s some new chick stepping up and making a name for herself or Sean Salisbury elevating Angela Rypien to elite status two games into her career, this league is on fire. Take last Friday night and one call from this LFL referee who is still learning the intricacies of this league.

See, there’s this thing called illegal defense. And it’s usually called on the defense.

Posted: By us on Saturday morning

Premise of Video: This referee throws a flag on Seattle and attempts to make the call.

Climax of Video: Ok, so we’re kinda grasping for straws with this one, but it proves that this league is so much damn fun. We spend two hours on a Saturday morning looking for stupid stuff from LFL games and this makes us LOL.

Conclusion: Yes, they have replay in LFL. Yes, these refs are actually real. Yes, this league can’t do any wrong in our eyes right now. Keep bringing it, LFL. We’ll keep uploading it.

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