BC Assignment Editor Might Want To Bang Khloe Kardashian [PHOTOS]


Look, this is hard to say because frankly, we all know Lamar Odom, the badass basketball player, the two-time NBA champion, the 2011 sixth man of the year, married the ugliest Kardashian sister.

He married Khloe who, in the past, has looked a lot like a tranny. If he tried a little harder, he probably could haveĀ married Kim for, like, at least 56 days, which would have been fine. He’s a Los Angeles Laker for god sakes!

He doesn’t play for the New Jersey Nets. And beyond that, he can actually ball. Lamar decided to settle for Khloe, though.

As a Lakers fan, I can say that decision was disappointing. It was mostly disappointing because of the way Khloe looked, and yes, I’m using the past tense.

Why? Khloe was caught by TMZ last night… dare I say it? Looking pretty decent.

Lamar’s birthday is coming up and, being the masterful journalists they are, TMZ asked Khloe what she was going to get her husband as a present. She said something like, “He’s already got it. He put a ring on it! Blah, blah, blah.” So basically, that rich, talentless bitch ain’t getting Lamar shit because she thinks her vag is all that.


While we still have no respect for any of the Kardashians, we did have to do a double take when we saw this interview. Wait! What? Khloe actually looks somewhat like a woman!? Maybe even doable?!


So, because we can’t see her adam’s apple anymore, here’s a little bit of the ugliest Kardashian sister for you!

[KHLOE KARDASHIAN My Birthday Gift for Lamar … is Very X-RATED]

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