Peyton Hillis Gets Married, Already Hitting On Chick Named ‘Jenna’?

There are days around here that are better than others. There are days when nearly naked chicks send galleries of nearly NSFW mirror pics. There are days when we spend $1,500 on Cam Newton’s BCS pants. There are days when we get more Peyton Hillis relationship intel. Remember who broke news of Hillis getting married on his off-day? Yeah, we did. Is it news? Of course.

This guy is a mess & in need of a huge contract. Who wants more filth?

BC emailer Terry sent this incredible report on Hillis . To Peyton’s lawyer: If you plan on suing someone to get money for Peyton to drop on diapers, we’ll gladly give up info on Terry.


… also he had a camp in Arkansas and forgot to give the kids the free shirt and left early with his girlfriend who got into it with his manager the brother who has issues being on pills.. Hillis did not even say good buy to the kids at Conway Christian School where he over charged then went to the Conway School the next year and had a few of his high school buddies again do the camp for him.

5 weeks ago he was text and talking to a girl name Jenna and I can get you her info… Jenna says he told her he wanted to spend time with her after the season so love must of changes things..They used to date back in the day.. Peyton lived with her when he was a Sr in college because he thought his family was trying steal from him..

Got his girl pregnant and left her during the pregnancy to live with another girl  Jill Briggs then cheated on her and moved the 3rd one in with him as well. Brother is his manager who says he graduated but tells people he has a MBA and some he told he a DR…Not book smart kid.. really messed up family and plays on the Christian life.. Mom/dad filed bankruptcy and put all in the brother name and had built home and like house and screwed both builders.. law suite.. look it up.. One family took a 45k hit due to them.. Just a dysfunctional family.

Mom/Brother puts recorders in his room so they can have control of what going on.. Talk to the ex girl friends.. crazy story. Go to his school.. Teachers say he a good guy but lie to your face and if its not about him then he does not have anything to do with it… RACIST.. Brother esp.. He went as far as telling one teacher his mom was dying of cancer so he could pass the class and find out the teacher ran into the mom and was shocked he could make up such a story. He lived with one girl in high school becaused he thought his family was trying to take all his money..

He complains if he is not center of attention…. Not someone i want to marry my daughter.. and he plays the part well.

Go talk to the teachers.Man this guy lied so much when we were in school.. he mentally messed up. His brother Kyle trieds to be his manager but does not even have a degree.. check it out. .he say he does but he takes too many pills for that.. Peyton pulled a gun on him and broke his noise Sr. Year of school…that is the brother 🙂

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