Patriots Fan Brawl Features Young Vs. Old Bros [VIDEO]

You know what’s rare in NFL fan fight video history over the last decade? Patriots’ fans brawling with each other. Just doesn’t seem to happen because they’re all bros just destroying broads, cheering for championships and getting sized for Super Bowl rings. But, when Goldilocks & Hoodie lose two in a row, the loyalists start freaking out on each other.

Take this brawl last night at the Giants game. It’s go time.

Posted: Nov. 6, 2011

Premise of Video: Old bro isn’t down with Mayo’s shit-talking. Eventually, one guy takes matters into his own hands. BOOM!

Climax of Video: Look at Mayo just running his gums at those guys who’ve whipped some ass in their day. Wrong move, #51.

Conclusion: The wheels are falling off the dynasty. Hoodie is losing control of that defense and it’s all kinda turning into Cincinnati circa 1992-2010. Fans are getting unruly. The team is losing. Drama is building. Seems like it might be time for ESPN to send in the E:60 team to investigate.

[HT: Guyism]