1983: Paterno Concerned Sandusky Passing Up Jobs For Second Mile

So we’ve been looking into the Google Archives for Jerry Sandusky tidbits and maybe a better understanding of this guy’s history. What have we found? Hopefully not a pattern that shows Jerry might have been up to wrong for a long, long time. We have no doubt that this started in the mid-90s. Jerry was a big deal back in the day. He owned the 1980s. Let’s look back at 1983 and this innocent story about Jerry turning down jobs. 

From the 1983 Washington, Pa. Observer-Reporter:

“I’m concerned about his future,” Paterno said in the Dec. 6, 1982 edition of Sports Illustrated in a story centered around Sandusky’s Second Mile. “I’m proud of everything that he and Dottie have done, and I certainly wouldn’t like to lose him, but I’d hate to see him lose his chance to be a head coach.

“Many people have talked to me about hiring him, but Jerry’s been reluctant to talk to them because of all the commitments he has in this area.”

“The timing hasn’t been right,” Sandusky said.

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