LSU Vs. Alabama Defensive Gem OF THE CENTURY Morning After Newspapers


How many different ways can an Alabama newspaper spin last night’s game into an EPIC defensive game for the ages? Many. We warned you – with a BC twist – as to how kicking would be a major star in the LSU-Alabama game. Jeremy Shelley’s girlfriend, Blair McElroy (yes, Greg’s sister), is kinda salty this morning. While LSU was busy dicking around with a two QB system, Saban had to figure out which kicker to run out there. So sad, Bama.

2-of-6 in the field goal department has never seemed so sad as this morning. But was this 9-6 outcome so much defensive as it was the Bama offense being inept? We will see on Black Friday when Arkansas gets its shot at LSU in Death Valley during a CBS national broadcast. If anyone is going to score on LSU, it’s going to be the Razorbacks throwing on them. Even the great Trent Richardson couldn’t bust loose and only had 86 yards on the ground (LSU-Bama box score).

Remember that play late in the 2nd quarter when Nick Saban went nuts into his headset? Yeah, his QB totally missed a gimme TD pass. And how many blown (or busted, as we like to say) coverage’s did Gary Danielson or Verne gush about? Many. How many times was Richardson wide open out of the backfield?

Can a pro-style QB beat that secondary with accuracy and smart decision making? 25% chance. Your move, Tyler Wilson and Andrew Luck.

The headlines!

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