Velvet Sky Is A Tom Brady Superfan In Soccer Cleats! [PHOTOS]

Never heard of Velvet Sky? Same here, but we’re always down for some ‘Superfan’ coming out of the woodwork on a Friday afternoon while most of America counts down the hours until the BCS Championship. Velvet is some sort of TNA (Wrestling) Knockout and decided doing a shoot with those giant implants in a Tom Brady jersey would be cool for the fans.

Just some advice to all you ‘Superfan’ hopefuls: cut off the sleeves & show much more cleav. Otherwise, good to go.

Velvet Sky File:

• TNA Impact Knockout

• From Connecticut

• Turned 30 in June. Kinda closing in on over-the-hill status. Time to do multiple ‘Superfan’ shoots.

• Signature Move: The Beauty Mark

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