Texas Rangers World Champs & 29 Other Stupid Sports Tattoos [PHOTOS]

We mostly like to make fun of sports tattoos when someone gets their sports hero’s face permanently inked on their calf, arm, back or some other part of their idiot body.

That being said, we couldn’t pass up this bit of tattooing idiocy. We don’t really know much about him, but some moron get the Texas Rangers logo with the words “World Champs 2011” tattooed on his back.


Word is, this individual had the tattoo done before game 7 of the World Series. Sure, the Rangers were close — a strike away on two occasions, as we recall — to winning the whole damn thing, but they would of course blow game 6 and come back and lose by four runs in game 7.

So, what was this? Wishful thinking? Revisionist history? Adamant belief in one’s team?

We’re gong to assume it was the last mixed with a little bit of the first. As you’ll note, this person is also a Dallas Mavericks fan. The Mavs championship tattoo sits to the right of the Rangers’.

Ah, what a year it could have been for Dallas and this superfan. Alas, the Rangers are just chokers and you, sir, are just a moron.

Fortunately, you’re not alone, though. Here are some of the dumbest sports tattoos we’ve ever seen, including one very hopeful Houston Texans fan.

Something must be in the water down in Te-ha! that makes you people delusional.

[Exhibit A: Why you should wait to get a Rangers World Series tattoo]

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