LSU & Alabama Playboy Coeds On BCS Title Game, Talking To Dad & Being Naked

LSU and Alabama, the top two teams in the current AP and BCS college football polls, meet in just over 24 hours at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa. ESPN’s College Gameday can yammer on about the unstoppable force-immovable object metaphor of LSU’s offense and the ‘Bama defense; Busted Coverage gets you inside info on the two schools from people who look a lot better naked than Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit.

Coeds Sophia Beretta of LSU and Jackie Pines of Alabama are both “Girls of the SEC,” featured in Playboy’s November issue, currently on newsstands. Each girl was discovered by Playboy photographers, luckier-than-you’ll-ever-be scouts who get paid to canvass college campuses looking for hot girls willing to take their clothes off for Playboy’s periodic “Girls of…” college series. In total, the November issue of Playboy features 26 SEC models (check a NSFW preview).

We asked Sophia and Jackie about posing naked, SEC football players and the chance of them streaking after the  Nov. 5 game. Spoiler alert: Keep those cell-cams handy (or just get a copy of the current issue of Playboy).

First up, sexy University of Alabama ginger Jackie Pines, an international studies major (with a German minor) from Birmingham, Ala. Jackie, 22, has been told she is very much an old-fashioned, Southern girl.

“I don’t do Facebook or Twitter. I guess that’s unusual for a 22-year-old, but I just don’t feel the need  to be on those sites,” Jackie said.

That means you can’t friend, follow or stalk her. Lucky for you, we were able to get her to tell us about her dad’s reaction to her pictures, ‘Bama football and where on campus she’d most like to get naked.

What sort of reaction have you gotten on campus since the news broke about the issue?

“I haven’t had anyone say anything to me on campus, yet. No one has recognized me. I have had a few friends who have gone out and bought the issue and called me to tell me about it.”

What’s the strangest place on the Alabama campus that you will admit to having been naked? Are there any that you fantasize about?

“I haven’t been naked in any common area of the campus, but if I ever did that, it’d be in Bryant-Denny Stadium. We have the coolest stadium in the SEC. They just finished remodeling it, and it looks incredible. Everyone should see a game there.”

What Alabama football players have been beating down your door for a date now that they’ve seen you naked? 

“None yet… I don’t know everything about football, but I am a fan. The games are fun. When I was considering colleges, my father informed me that I would be going to the University of Alabama, or he would not be paying for it… So it was ‘Roll Tide’ all the way in my house.”

What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you so far since the Playboy news broke?

“Breaking the news to my dad. It took me three months to get up the nerve to tell him.  My little sister knew, and she sort of forced me. You know what FaceTime is (Apple video calling software)? Well, my sister has a Mac, and she had my dad talking to me on it and said to him that I had something to tell him, so…

“When I first told him, he laughed and thought it was a joke. I said ‘I’m not kidding.’ He paused, and it took him a minute, but he was ok with it. I’m surprised, but it’s actually brought us closer together. I feel like I can tell him anything now, where before I was very reserved about speaking to him about some things.”

The LSU-Bama game is coming up. Will there be naked streaking across campus if the Tide is victorious? 

“Definitely. Yes. People do it anyway, so a big win gives them an excuse. If people get intoxicated enough, the clothes come off.”

Will you be at the game?

“I go to games when I can. I have football tickets (for Nov. 5), but it’s difficult to go to every game, because I work full-time.”

We’ve heard that LSU ladies are a little wild. How would you define an Alabama coed? 

“We have a wild side, but we are classy and reserved.”

Coach Nick Saban makes, like, a zillion dollars as a public school employee. Does he ever just stop by the Quad and offer to take everyone to lunch?

“He keeps a pretty low profile on campus. The only time I’ve seen Nick Saban is when he was zipping through campus in his Mercedes just outside the stadium.”

Will you continue with modeling after this, or this one-and-done?

This was by-chance, but I enjoyed it. I don’t know if it’s in the cards to do more modeling, but it was fun. It really added to my life, and it’s something I’ll tell my grandkids about one day.

Busted Coverage Interviews LSU Playboy Model Sophia Beretta

We talked to Playboy Girl of the SEC Jackie Pines of Alabama earlier, now we’ll hear from LSU’s Sophia Beretta, who is also a wonderfully naked Girl of the SEC in the November issue of Playboy, currently on newsstands.

A business major from Dallas, sultry Sophia is a fan of the No. 1 Tigers football team, and they are fans of hers, apparently.

“There have been a few (LSU players) that have been after me even before the issue came out, so not much has changed,” Sophia said.

A Southern lady at heart, Sophia didn’t name names, but at least we know that there is someone whom the Tigers are chasing, while everyone else is chasing them. She also talked to us about where she’s been naked on the LSU campus, LSU coach Les Miles and Brett Favre.

Thankfully, those are three separate stories.

What’s the best thing about going to school at LSU?

“People are always ready to party. Tailgating here is incredible, and I love our football team!”

We’ve heard that LSU ladies can be a little wild. Can you tell us any fun stories?

“A bunch of my girls and myself went to an after party at a strip club, and since there were no dancers on the poles we decided to get up there and dance with our clothes on. We ended up making quite a bit of money, too.”

What’s the strangest place on campus that you will admit to having been naked? Are there any campus places that you fantasize about getting naked in/on?

“I’ve been naked on the parade grounds (not related to the Playboy shoot). I definitely fantasize about getting naked on the field in Tiger Stadium.”
What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you so far since the Playboy news broke?

“That my mom was totally okay with it!”

There’s this big LSU-Bama game coming up. Will there be naked streaking across campus if LSU wins? Will you make a road trip to the game?

“I’m not sure if there will be any naked streaking across campus whenLSU wins. If I can take off work, then I definitely want to make the trip to ‘Bama. The LSU-Bama game is going to be the best of the season. In an already competitive division, they are the SEC’s two best teams right now.”

Coach Nick Saban has a statue on the Alabama campus. How is he remembered at LSU? Are there people who would like to see him fed to Mike the Tiger?

“Saban was a great coach while he was here, but LSU fans have moved on.”

Have you ever seen coach Les Miles on campus?

“I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing ‘The Mad Hatter’ on campus, but I’m sure that’s because he’s hard at work keeping our football team number one in the country.”

Sexting: Pro or con? Why?

“I would say a con…just look what it did to Brett Favre’s public image.”

Gumbo or jambalaya? Why?

“Definitely jambalaya. It was the first Cajun dish I had when I came to Louisiana, and I’ve been addicted ever since.”

Will you continue with modeling after this, or this one-and-done?

“Working with Playboy was such an amazing experience, I would definitely like to continue to model after this.”