Have $1MM To Blow? Buy This Bama BCS Championship Original [EBAY]


Folks, we warned you last week that, just like ESPN, we would be taking your nuts and shoving them up against a wall and driving Alabama & LSU coverage against them until they’re flattened like a rack of ribs at Dreamland BBQ up on the hill in Tuscaloosa. Now, who’s up for a $1,000,000 Ben Teeter original painting of the 2009 BCS Champions? Hottest item on eBay right now. Feel like throwin some money around. Nut up, Bama Nation.

The eBay seller goes BOLD font and seems to mean business with this listing.

For Alabama it was a season of firsts, first Heisman Trophy winner in Mark Ingram, first team in NCAA history to beat 10 opponents with winning records in one season, first team in NCAA history to beat the last three NCAA football champions in the same season and the list just goes on.

Celebrate this victory and Alabama’s return to the top with this beautiful oil on artist illustration board original painting by sports artist Ben Teeter.  It is 40″x32″.  This kind of original is a great investment.  Original paintings are one of the most lasting art forms available.

For those worrying about shipping, the seller will throw it in for free. And, pay via PayPal or put it on your MasterCard.

Just going to throw it out there. Greatest country in the world. Not even a competition. Canada thinks they’re all cool with that universal health care. And Norway thinks they’re cool because of low unemployment and great Winter Olympic skiers.

Where you losers at with artists who pump out masterpieces like this? Oh, look, a Grey Cup Championship original. Woah! Or what about Sventlanda accepting her Olympic Gold in cross country skiing.

Stay proud, America. #1 vs. #2 this weekend. Someone will be the subject of Ben Teeter come Sunday morning.

[Alabama 2009 BCS Champions 32″x40″ Original Painting]

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