Angela Rypien Lingerie Football Seattle Home Opener Tonight! [PHOTOS]

Our DVR is set for tonight’s Seattle Mist vs. Las Vegas Sin Lingerie Football League showdown because once again Angela Rypien will be QBing the Mist and MTV2 will broadcast live at 10 p.m. EST from the ShoWare Center. Rypien has been making the media rounds this week, talking to Fox & Friends and even taking time for an interview with Rick Reilly who always seems to have his finger on the pulse of America.

The Mist are 1-0, Rypien is the league’s darling and our Google traffic numbers spike when she’s on TV.

But dad is still not exactly down with his daughter in a LFL uniform, according to his interview with Reilly.

Six-foot-tall Angela Rypien, 21, is the starting quarterback for the Seattle Mist in something called the Lingerie Football League, a kind of half-strip-show, half-football MTV concoction that actually involves serious football, if you can get past the thongs, garter belts and rug burns.

“I didn’t want to see my daughter playing football in, basically, her underwear,” says Rypien, now 49. “But she loves it, she’s great at it, and it keeps her healthy. It’s just unfortunate that the lingerie thing is what the league initially has to do to get it off the ground.”

Sure … initially.

“The first time my dad saw me in my uniform, it was, well, awkward,” says Angela Rypien, who threw for three touchdowns and no interceptions in her lingerie … debut, a 42-8 undressing of Green Bay. “But it’s nothing different than if we’d gone to the beach that day. Actually, I probably wear more than if I was at the beach.”

And here we are, finally. The national media has given the LFL credit and it couldn’t come at a better time. All these days of writing stories and producing photo galleries has finally paid off. Brings a tear to our eyes, really. So we’ll chat in the morning and show you video from tonight’s game. Hopefully a bra pops loose. Hopefully a coach goes nuts in the locker room. Hopefully the $100 we have on the Mist -10.5 is a winner.

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