Is Greg McElroy’s Sister, Blair, Banging Bama’s Kicker? Make The Call!

Would we even be visiting this story under normal circumstances? No f-ing chance. But this is Bama-LSU week when all hands are on deck for the Super Bowl of college football. We’ve combed all of our available storylines and think that kicker Jeremy Shelley, looking like he’s about to blow Adam Lambert, could be called upon for a game-winner. That means that CBS needs to have cameras glued to Greg McElroy’s sister.


Because we’re pretty sure Blair McElroy and Shelley might have played hide the pickle on the Alabama campus. Not positive and not looking for a lawsuit, so we’ll leave it at possibly.

BC has been covering these two ever since Blair turned 18 and we felt less perverted for looking at McElroy’s sister. Surprisingly, there have never been cease and desist letters. Anyway, big game this week and Blair, like all good WAGs, is reading the media reports.

Sports Illustrated predicts we will win 17-14. That means we win by a kick/field goal. Don’t think I can take that….

You listening, CBS? We’re putting this story in your lap. Do some intel on where the McElroy family will be sitting. Put your best guy on the job. Remember, this is the BCS Championship.

As for those cupcake boobs, supposed to be Katy Perry. Gotta be nailing that, eh?



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