Colin Cowherd Hitting On Layla Kiffin At USC-Stanford [PHOTOS]

We first must give congratulations to SportsByBrooks for somehow figuring out where Colin Cowherd was sitting at the USC-Stanford game via this AT&T Crowd Photo technology. But major points deducted for not knowing that Cowherd is sitting with Layla Kiffin. That’s right, Layla Kiffin is hanging with Cowherd and what looks to be Cowherd’s Uncle Luke. Yesterday on his show, Cowherd was rambling about sitting with Layla.

Here’s the proof with special emphasis on if Layla Kiffin is doing something a little different in the bangs department. Killing it as usual.

And what’s up with Cowherd and that goofy ass fingers on the lip move. Such a panty dropper.

[AT&T Crowd Photo]


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