Aaron Rodgers Is John Rambo For Halloween – In Nashville [PHOTOS]

We’re very surprised to be the first outlet putting the pieces together on the Aaron Rodgers’ family weekend in Nashville to watch little brother John account for 3 TDs in Vandy’s heartbreaking loss to Arkansas. But, for Luke and Aaron, they shook off the loss and went to a Halloween party where Luke ran into his old friend @NanciFilipelli who just happened to take a photo with the brothers.

Relax, ladies, Aaron is still with his chick.

Thanks to the tireless digging from the crew at talk-sports.net, we know that Aaron was in town with that California bikini chick, Destiny Newton.That’s her on Aaron’s lap at the Vandy game. We’re pretty sure this means things are proceeding just fine.

As for the photos, that’s Luke on the right. Somewhere along the way he became friends with the hot chick. She says about her photo with the Super Bowl MVP:

Happy kid getting to meet my fantasy football QB @AaronRodgers12!

Anyway, we understand that the costume #12 is trying to pull of is John Rambo. Of course the TMZ crew wasn’t in Nashville for the pary so Nanci remains the only known tweeter to show the world this exclusive.

Were you at a Nashville bar and think you might have partied with Aaron Rodgers? Check your iPhone and send in your evidence.

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