World Series Katie Bikini Photos & The Boyfriend Who’ll Destroy You


You might remember the photo of Katie Siepman from World Series Game 6. She’s holding the sign saying “He told me I could have an engagement ring or World Series tickets – Here I am.” Yeah, well, that was false. Not true at all, according to an interview with Katie via SI’s Andy Gray. True, there is a jacked up personal trainer boyfriend, Scott.

Been on the fence on how to handle this story. Support the dude or call him a tool for not dropping to a knee? 

SI: Tell us the story of the sign. Was there really a ring vs. tickets choice?

KS: It wasn’t exactly that he put a ring and tickets on the table and told me to pick one. We’ve been together for several years now and are pretty confident that marriage is in the cards, but he is definitely not in a hurry. Every once in a while, I’ll give him a hard time about it and he’s always quick to change the subject. A week or two before this game (I think we were still playing the Brewers) I brought it up again and he changed the subject to World Series tickets.

Totally slick move on Scott’s part. Just think of how this plays out. Katie remains a girlfriend and Scott gets to see Game 6. She’s happy. He’s happy. And there’s no need for s stupid wedding ring in the process.

Then, also take into account that tickets are expensive. Oops, there goes the ring budget. And then Christmas is coming up. Oops, no money for engagement ring.

At first we were about to rip Scott for not nutting up but then realized that he’d probably kick our asses with his left leg. You see this guy? Veins popping in those beach pics. Actually thinking this is possibly a loyal Busted Coverage reader. Guy appreciates a hot chick but knows to not marry them.

And we’ve always told you guys to give a relationship at least 3-4 years because you want to give them time to either bloat or stay the same size when you met them. If they bloat to an unacceptable level – and you look like Scott – throw them back.

Scott’s in year four. Expect ring news no later than Valentine’s Day. This national exposure will be too much and he’ll break.

Looks like he’ll be fine. She doesn’t seem to be a bloater.

[The story behind the photo: almost-engaged Cardinals fan]


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