Sophia Beretta Is LSU’s Hottest Superfan [PHOTOS]

As is usual with Busted Coverage’s football coverage, we worked our way through the hottest chicks on the LSU campus, found Sophia Beretta and talked her into taking some mirror shots. While other sites are boring you with Xs and Os, BC is pounding the pavement for our loyal following. Of course you might know of Sophia from her NSFW photos in the November, Girls of the SEC Playboy issue.

But Uncle BC has Ms. Beretta in her Tiger thong. Name another sports blog out there that’s pulled off that accomplishment. NAME ONE! That’s right, you can’t. Once again, trendsetters.

Ms. Sophia Beretta File:

• LSU senior

• Business major

• Has girl crush on Kirsten Dunst

Told our cohorts at Coed that her favorite drink is a King’s Cup. Don’t know what that is? Lots of whipped cream.

Only has 65 followers as of this posting. Um, no reason Sophia shouldn’t have 100 by 5 p.m.

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