MLB All-Stars Doing Snake Blood Shots In Taiwan [PHOTOS]

A group of MLB All-Stars are touring Taiwan to play a five-game series against the Chinese Taipei national team this week and they stopped to sample some of the local flavor Monday night.

Several players visited Snake Alley in Taipei to drink some snake blood.

The blood is supposed to give the drinker stamina and better skin and the snakes are killed, or sacrificed, moments before the drink is ordered. The blood is then poured into shot glasses and the players who drank it seemed to enjoy it.

“I just want to try different things,” outfielder Andres Torres said. “I think it’s pretty cool. It’s a different culture, so you embrace it. Why not? Plus it’s supposed to give you energy, and we’re playing tomorrow, so we’ll be ready.”

“I figured it’s once in a lifetime,” infielder Ty Wigginton said. “You might as well give it a shot. Hopefully it does bring me some powers. That would be cool. I can always use a little help.”

Other players were raving about the experience on Twitter. Reliever LaTroy Hawkins sent this message to his followers.

Tweeps drank the snake blood! Didn’t taste bad, waterd dwn with Rice Liquor ,a lot of fun. Gm time tomorrow sight seeing is OVER!!

Outfielder Logan Morrison said it’s been the coolest part of the trip so far.

I drank snake blood RT @jdidiana@LoMoMarlins Yum. What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen/done so far?

It must have worked. The MLB team beat Taiwan 7-0 on Tuesday.



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