Jeremy Mayfield’s Wife Dropping F-Bombs On Twitter Over Meth Arrest

So we lied about no more NASCAR stories today. Totally would have left the Jeremy Mayfield meth addict story alone but then some TV guy covering the Mayfield arrest started tweeting photos. @CopaCavanna says this is what police found during a raid on Mayfield’s home last night. The fuzz says it was working on a tip that there were stolen goods in the house.

Mayfield’s wife is on Twitter freaking out. Guns, meth, Twitter. This story is going to blow.

Shana Mayfield this afternoon:

@nascarcasm shut the f$%k up, you don’t even know the story. So don’t run your mouth or make smartass comments when u don’t know

Of course the Mayfield’s have been acting very paranoid lately about Jeremy’s chances of ending his feud with the France family and getting back to NASCAR. Shana calls the arrest “shady” and says she’s “confused.”

Meanwhile, reporter Alan Cavanna is uploading the arsenal pics.

Just spoke with owner of stolen property found at Mayfield’s, says deputies had “3 or 4 trailers filled” w/ items they believed were stolen

TMZ says there were 40 guns seized and that cops are trying to figure out which ones belong to Mayfield and which ones might be stolen.

We’re pretty sure this is all just some sort of mix up and the guns really do belong to Mayfield. But…what about the meth found in the house? What up with that, Shana?