Florida Or Ohio: Millionaire Couple Having 3-Way In Bathroom [Cuff ‘Em]


Taking a break from the Baseball Cap Bank Robbers series to move to our other BC hit, “Florida or Ohio.” The rules are simple. We give you a crazy arrest story and you guess whether it took place in Florida or Ohio. This one is huge with the U.S. prison population. In fact, if you are in jail in either Ohio or Florida, write us. We need a guest editor for this series. mail@bustedcoverage.com.

Time to play! This couple was arrested for a nightclub three-way in which they brought another dude along for the ride.

Husband and wife millionaires from Scotland face several charges in an August incident that stemmed from a sex act in the bathroom of an [XXXXXXXX] nightclub, police reports state.

A pair of off-duty [XXXXXXXX] officers were working at Roxy night club on Bennett Road about 1:45 a.m. Aug. 13, reports state, when an employee reported three people having sex in a men’s room.

One of the officers knocked on a locked stall and identified himself as police. The stall door opened, police say, and the officers found two men and a woman inside, two engaged in a sex act.

Officers would later identify the woman as 43-year-old Mary Gorman. Reports state she was performing a sexual act on an unnamed man as her husband, 44-year-old Chris Gorman, watched.

Florida or Ohio?


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