ESPN’s Jenn Brown Stuck In Boston Hotel Bathroom, Live Tweeting


Who’s up for some Jenn Brown stuck in a hotel bathroom action? Entire BC office is in, so here we go. Sideline Assassin Brown is in some Boston hotel for Thursday’s BC-Florida State showdown. She goes into the bathroom to do her morning routine. Maybe drop a deuce. Shower time. The usual. But we learned something about Jenn this morning. She always takes her phone into the bathroom to listen to ESPN Radio. But now the phone is her lifeline.

Guess who bought Jenn a tomato knife for her April 2012 wedding to some actor? This guy. Hell yes we did. Never know when a tomato knife will be needed to carve you out of a Sheraton.

Brown tweeted back at us just minutes ago:

Could have come in handy in this situation…could have MacGyvered my way out. RT @bustedcoverage: did you open my wedding gift yet?

As for this bathroom situation, she’s lucky the phone was there.

The best part is my room door is dead bolted from the inside so they are going to have to break down the door to get in my room..zI think

That, my friend, is a very good question… RT @ttintn: just curious… Had you not had your cell what woulda been your plan?

Hoping for video.



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