Candlelight Vigil For Failed Kardashian Marriage And New Prop Bets [Photos]


The Kim Kardashian sham marriage to Kris Humphries didn’t last long and the fans are sad. Some of them are so sad they held a candlelight vigil, in the bright of day no less, for the failed union.

It all started with a Craigslist ad.

We’ll be gathering in front of the Dash store in Soho today at 4:15 to hold a vigil for the marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humpreys. It’s a sad day. 

Where: Dash store, 119 Spring Street (at Greene)


And so it began. Fans had signs, left notes at the Dash and held candles, even though the event started when it was still light outside.

On another note, is already offering prop bets on Kardashian’s next target. Here’s the list.

Kim Kardashian’s next boyfriend will be?
Professional Athlete: 1/2
Professional Actor: 2/1
Professional Musician: 3/1

If Kim Kardashian’s next boyfriend is a professional athlete what sport will he play?
Football: 1/2
Baseball: 5/2
Basketball: 7/2
Soccer: 10/1
Golf: 15/1
Tennis: 20/1
Hockey: 25/1

Will Kim Kardashian date Tiger Woods, Ashton Kutcher or Jessie James in 2011-2012?
Yes: 20/1

We’re going with no on the last one.

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