Bama Redneck MegaSkeet420 Fired Up For Corn Dogs, LSU [VIDEO]


Remember the f-bombing, WalMart sunglasses wearing, ‘Super Cracker’ shirt wearing redneck MegaSkeet420 character we introduced a couple weeks ago? Yeah, homeboy is back and is super pissed about this LSU-Alabama game. In this week’s diatribe, Skeet goes after you corn dog LSU fans with multiple variations of ‘mother$%^&ers’ and ‘f$%^ yous.’

For us this is like Christmas morning. Won’t see Syracuse fans with this much passion.

Posted: Oct. 28, 2011

Premise of Video: Skeet is super angry and needs to get a few things off his Super Cracker chest. He also attacks Death Valley and even figures out how to get illegal immigration into the mix.

Climax of Video: It’s all pretty special. Can’t pinpoint exactly where we were speechless.

Conclusion: Roll Tide Roll, mother$%^&ers!

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