LSU-Alabama Casual Encounters: JoshBama55 Looking For 3-Way

There has been some interesting chatter on Craigslist Casual Encounters out of Alabama this week, according to BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich. He’s our go-to source for all things gay and Craigslist so this week we’ve sent him into the belly of SEC football for some men-on-men, men-on-women and even a dude looking to three-way his 20-year-old GF on Bama-LSU weekend. “Lookey here,” Rich emailed.

Looks like JoshBama55 has a unique request.

We are looking for a hot couple for this weekends Alabama/LSU game. And I am a huge Alabama fan, so no LSU fans need apply or Auburn. I am 35, she is 20, she has talked about this and has said it would be hot to have two guys. But we have never commited to doing anything, obviously due to age we are just FWB. She is very pretty and I am a nice looking proffessional male, i work out and stay in shape. We need to chat first at aol or yahoo. my yahoo is jwakefield27 at the and joshbama55 at the I am 100% percent straight, so if your guy is bi, move on. She has had a female go down on her before and she loved it. Also, she likes nice boobies and has great Titties herself. We have pics if you have pics, no drugs, drinking is ok.

Where do we start with this one? So the Josh is looking for some dude to help rail his GF but he can’t be a LSU or Auburn fan? What a total cock blocking move. What about Ohio State? Or Purdue. We’ll send Kevin The Intern’s ass down there to lay some pipe. What about Wisconsin fan? BC Assignment Editor Monty might be down for a cross-country trip from L.A.

Look, this sounds like a case of the dude not exactly wanting some foreign dong drilling for bedrock. She has the fantasy and he’d rather some hot broad join in. Total relationship killer.

And what if some dude lies and says he’s a Bama fan and then tells you the truth while he has the meat missile doing its thing. “Yo, chief, seriously, I’m just going to come clean. Totally love Les Miles and LSU. Ha!”

We’ll be efforting JoshBama55 to see if he’s come to his senses and realized this could be a disaster waiting to happen.

Have a college football weekend Craigslist Casual Encounter we need to see? No dick shots, please.

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