Chris Paul Amused By Dad’s Thong Answer On Family Feud [VIDEO]

Instead of watching NBA games on Fox Sports Detroit, SportsTime Ohio, etc., we are reduced to watching Chris Paul and his family playing the Feud with Steve Harvey. The Paul’s episode of Family Feud aired tonight and the big news, according to CP3 was that his dad answered ‘Thong’ on one question and someone else answered ‘Condom’ 0n another.

We were at dinner but one YouTuber was all over the action. There is video!

Posted: Like an hour ago

Premise of Video: The Paul family vs. The O’Hara’s. Two teams enter and only one can win Family Feud. From CP3’s tweets it appears the chicks won.

Climax of Video: Did that woman just say ‘cock’ for that survey question? Sure sounded like it. Kudos to Steve for maintaining his composure.

Conclusion: David Stern will break you via flag football, Family Feud or just the pure boredom of not having the chance to hit Miami to visit with your road beef.