Bama Cheerleader Sidney McGough Will Kill Wild Animals [PHOTOS]

Yes, that’s two BOOM’s in one day. Swear we’ll stop tomorrow. Anyway, it’s LSU-Bama Week® and it’s our intention to stick with the BC plan of doing things differently than the rest of these tools with an WordPress account. About two years ago we discovered, by accident, an Alabama cheerleader named Sidney McGough and was instantly smitten with her ability to kill animals. Deer, turkey, largemouth bass, saltwater fish. DEAD.

Anyway, here’s her update, according to BC investigators:

• New boyfriend

• Less hunting

• Can still handle a compound bow

• Is nearing an Alabama diploma

• Could equal Tebow with two BCS Championship rings

It’s been one helluva run by McGough. We’ve been hoping she’d kill something like a boar or maybe a giant moose, but it wasn’t meant to be. Guess school is kicking her ass. It’s understandable. But maybe just one more kill zone for us fans. One more bloody animal before the Bama career is over.

Maybe Sidney just doesn’t realize how rare it is to come across a cheerleader/deer slayer combo in college athletics. This is our 5th football season doing the Busted Coverage gig and she remains the only cheerleader in BC history publicly known to kill a deer.

All these soft ass cheerleaders act as if they just love deer…until one caves in the front of their Mercedes.

Look, cheerleaders, it’s time to arm yourself and kill a few animals. Show that you’re not just arm candy to The Man. Prove you won’t puke when a turkey is slaughtered within a backflip of your mouth.

Is your cheerleader girlfriend/wife blasting caps into antelope, wild boar or elk? Is she hot, too? We want to profile her.