Jordan Jefferson & Honey Badger Hanging At New Orleans Bar? [PHOTOS]

There are times on the Internet when a story is buried deep within the cracks of some Twitter account, but there are investigators such as the Busted Coverage i-Team who dig cracks. Take the photos from this weekend featuring Jordan Jefferson and Honey Badger, Tyrann Mathieu, outside either a New Orleans or Baton Rouge bar. The uploader references the bar as ‘Hookah.’ Our sources tell us that there is a bar in New Orleans that goes by that name. 

The tweeter responsible for breaking this case is known as Shire Nutt. This guy has a giant watch, looks mean and had this to say late last week: If U aint family….then FUCK YA…OH HOOKAH FRI AND SAT….AND JAX SUNDAY….fuck wit me

With those kind of taunts we figured this Shire dude wasn’t going to a place called Hookah to smoke up. Anyway, Shire hits da club on Saturday and guess who just happens to be in town? JJ and the Honey Badger! Of course we all know the Badger was suspended for the Auburn game for smoking some weed.

And we all know Jordan Jefferson had some trouble this season with bars.

Now, before the hate mail starts rolling in, let us just say that maybe these two kids were just in New Orleans for some educational purposes while on a bye week. Who are we to judge how they spend a Saturday night just seven days before ‘Bama?

We’ll leave that to, Paul Finebaum listeners, etc.

Did you party with Jordan Jefferson or Honey Badger over the weekend in New Orleans? Tell us about it.