Busted Coverage Invades Halloween At The Playboy Mansion [60 PHOTOS]

While the rest of you were trifling with your vampire costume at your local bar over the weekend, Busted Coverage was doing what we do — being absolutely f*&^ing awesome!

Now, we’re not really the type to brag, but we were slumming it at the Playboy Mansion this weekend. Oh, and when we say slumming it, we mean hanging out with really hot chicks, drinking free booze and lounging at the home of the dude who more or less popularized hedonism.

We were invited by the Karma Foundation, who obviously recognize fine talent and also put the weekend’s events together. Since we’ve been to Hef’s place numerous times, we were hesitant when they first asked us to come to their party. It was kind of like, “Dammit! We’ve got broads to romance!” But they were persistent and we gave in.

Frankly, we’re glad they were persistent.

Sometimes you go to the Playboy Mansion and the best thing about it is the novelty of being at the Playboy Mansion. You call your bros and say, “Hey, guess where I am you SOB!” Other times you’re at a party you’ll tell your grandson about. This was one of those nights.

There was scattered ass as far as the eye could see. And look, we’re not talking about your wife’s hot friend who’s a couple pounds overweight. We’re talking about talent. If broads were gold, this might have been Fort Knox.

Whatever you wanted was available, as you’ll soon see. Although I did my best Han Solo, I was unable to live out all of our Slave Leia fantasies. Had to go to the media center and talk to some photographers and couldn’t find her when I was finished.

Damn you Busted Coverage! You giveth and you taketh away…