Bill Belichick Has Ditched The Hoodie For La Russa Jersey


If there was any question who New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick is rooting for in the World Series, it’s been answered — the St. Louis Cardinals.

Belichick was spotted at the Patriots’ facility today wearing a Tony La Russa jersey. We’ve heard of man crushes, but this kind of takes it to the next level.

Belichick and La Russa are friends and the Patriots coach said he was wearing the jersey to support the Cardinals skipper, which is a little weird. I mean, would you wear a shirt with your buddy’s face on it to support him?

Maybe call and offer a word of support, send a text or just, I don’t know, wear a regular Cardinals t-shirt for god’s sake. Belichick hasn’t always been the most stylish cat, though. So this fashion faux pas doesn’t really come as much of a surprise.

ESPN has the story of how these two diabolical minds came together.

“We have a couple mutual friends, one in particular,” said Belichick, who often remarked about his friendship with former Red Sox coach Terry Francona. “It’s good to talk to sometimes people in other sports. Coaching is coaching –- dealing with players, dealing with coaches, dealing with other situations. There is certainly a lot of common ground there.”

We should probably expect La Russa to don a Patriots hoody with cut-off sleeves if the Pats make the Super Bowl.

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