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Geogia Vs. Florida 2011: World’s Largest Cocktail Party In Photos

It’s finally that weekend of the year when old friends can come together, put aside their differences and have a few beers and play a football game. Michigan State and Nebraska fans will duke it out for the first time since ’03 in a series in which Sparty is 0-6 all-time. In other news, Jacksonville, Florida will light up later today when the RVs roll into town for the 90th meeting in the World’s Largest Cocktail Party series.

Who’ll win? Who cares. Let’s drink!

Saturday: 3:30 p.m. EST | CBS; Verne Lundquist, Gary Danielson

Georgia vs. Florida By The Numbers:

• 18-3 – Florida’s series record since 1990

$10 gets you into The Landing in Jacksonville each night this weekend

• 8 p.m. tonight – first Cocktail Party band hits stage tonight

• $75 – cheapest tickets right now on StubHub

• $50-$500 – open container fines in Jacksonville

• $232 – per night, at Wyndham Jacksonville Riverwalk for this weekend

• $100 – primo tailgating parking pass on Craigslist

• -3 Georgia at BetUS

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