24 Greatest Moments Of Tebowing In Internet History [PHOTOS]

Tebowing is all the rage.

What the hell is Tebowing, you ask? It’s basically like planking, but instead of laying face down on something, you randomly drop to one knee and pray with your head rested on your fist like everyone’s favorite quarterback, Tim Tebow, would do.

The Denver Broncos signal caller apparently Tebowed after his team beat the Miami Dolphins last Sunday. We weren’t watching because, well, Tim Tebow is painful to watch when he’s struggling to play quarterback at an NFL level. So we don’t really know what happened.

Tebowing shots are popping up all over the Internet though, so we went and grabbed some of the best. Our one question is this — are people making fun of Tebow, are they paying tribute to him or does it depend on the person?