Mike Napoli & Implants: From Nobody To Texas World Series Hero? [PHOTOS]

About three years ago, for some reason, we were building up a fake Facebook account using the name Richard Harden. Making friends with professional baseball players was pretty simple since they just figured it was then Oakland A’s pitcher Rich Harden wanting to ‘Friend’ up. For some reason Angels catcher Mike Napoli ended up a ‘Friend.’ Cool, whatever. Then the other night it reminded us – wait, Napoli, World Series & implants! Time to repost.

Suddenly Mike Napoli is becoming a household name thanks to two World Series dongs, 9 ribbies and a press conference where he was wearing his camo ‘Implant Hunter’ shirt. Dude is setting himself up for a huge off-season poon surge.

And when photos of Naps destroying some Magnum bottle surfaces tonight after the Rangers beat the Cardinals, we’ll have a tear in our eye. Kinda grew up with this guy on the Internet. He was there with him Implant Duck Decoys way back in 2009. Both of us were young. Both just living the dream.

Anyway, you’ve been warned America. Hide your implanted wives and girlfriends. The Hunter is going to be unleashed around midnight this evening.

Have photos of Naps unleashed that need to be seen? By all means, send them in. Ladies, we want stories. Build The Hunter’s reputation. Baseball could use a hero.

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