Just UGA QB Aaron Murray Wearing FSU Shirt, Holding Busch Light [PHOTO]

We’ve been keeping an eye on Georgia QB Aaron Murray’s Twitter page for about eight months now thanks to a back-and-forth he was having with a UGA coed with dreams of becoming a sideline reporter. We’re pretty sure he was drilling for oil. Anyway, someone in Tallahassee had their camera out for this shot of Murray in his FSU shirt and holding a Busch Light with a former Georgia Tech footballer. Quite a way for a SEC QB to spend his bye week before the Cocktail Party. 

Murray likes to drop Bible passages on his Twitter timeline, such as Monday’s:

I will love thee, O LORD, my strength. Psa 18:1 its a great week to be a Dawg!!!

That was two days after:

@MB_uno5 Artie and myself are dominating this city, where are you? We going to pike now. Meet up with us

MB is Marlon Brown, a Georgia wide receiver.

And before they headed to the Pike house, Murray wanted the world to know:

Enjoying the best road trip of my life. About to take FSU by storm

There was also this tweet sent out Sunday:

@MB_uno5 we are true scum and I love it!

So, there you have it, Aaron Murray just having some innocent fun in Tallanasty over the weekend. Just poundin’ (going out on a limb here) some Busch Lights and living the dream.

True scum and he loves it.

If you have more photos of Aaron Murray being true scum in Tallahassee and need an outlet to make them go viral, we will help you. Please send your pics of Murray and Brown running trains to:

[email protected]


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