Braves Fan Needs Rack Refill NOW! All The Money, Let’s GO! [Cuff ‘Em]

Actually been getting some flack that all we show are black guys robbing banks and gas stations in this Baseball Cap Bank Robbers series. Um, if you’re wearing a baseball cap, we can tell what team’s logo is on that cap and the cops are looking for you, Busted Coverage will not rest until we land reward money. Today we head to Dallas where ‘Sid Bream’ is in town and needs some walking around money. B#$th, we ain’t even playin’. Fill that bag. Hurry up.

Via Channel 33 (The CDub):

Richardson police responded to a robbery call at  Chase Bank Monday afternoon after a suspect displayed a small handgun to a teller.

The suspect allegedly showed his handgun and passed a letter of demands to the teller. However, no one was injured and there is no indication that he is responsible for any other robberies in the Metroplex at this time.

The suspect is described as a white male, 25-30 years old, around 6 feet tall and approximately 165-180 pounds. Upon entering the bank he appeared clean-shaven with no visible marks or tattoos.

This case is one bro at work in Dallas cruising Busted Coverage away from snapping our 0-for-2011 in bank robbers turned into police. Concentrate, dammit. Where have you seen this guy? The Horseshoe Casino? Maybe in Biloxi? Hammond, Indiana? Some riverboat in Illinois?

Be alert. He has a gambling addiction. Didn’t even take off that ‘FREE’ jacket from the Horseshoe. Needs help. Is your son a gambling addict? Does he owe a bookie HUGE money? Did he take the Ravens -11.5 Monday night.


Do you know ‘Sid Bream’ yet scared to turn him in? We don’t give a rat’s ass, Busted is ready to put a punk behind bars and collect the FBI’s money. In fact, should ‘Sid’ be arrested due to your tip, we’ll split the money.

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